Setbacks Affecting Immigrants

Settling in a new country has over the years proved to be a challenge for many people. There are common problems that all people trying to settle in a new country are faced with as the immigrants are often the major victims of the problems affecting people setting in a new country. Often immigrants identified to be affects by language; language barrier makes the immigrants not to easily associate with the other citizens.

Literacy may be a major problem for the immigrants as they have low educational qualifications making it to work as a disadvantage on their side as learning the new language needs more attention and the immigrants ca not understand it fast. Academic qualification affects the job positions that the immigrants need to work in but the employment is hard to get due to the low academic qualification hence missing the desired posts of working in.

Proper housing has been problem that has been seen affecting the immigrants As time passes by the operation on how the housing markets becomes a problem for the immigrants to understand making the immigrants to be living together in shanties hence making the immigrants to be pushed in to poor neighborhood in the country. The access to get services that are better for living for the immigrants are limited as the immigrants do not have much of an opinion whereas there are great services that are available for the other people in the country to gain from. The little documents that the immigrants posses do not allow the individuals to access health care, social services and legal advice making it worse for the immigrants if the immigrants are not legally allowed in the country. Due to the cultural differences between the immigrants and the citizens of the country the immigrants may feel as outcasts as the trends are moving fast in the new country for the immigrants to catch with. At times the new country cultures are in conflict with the immigrant’s culture, this result to the immigrants not fully integrating with the new community.

Racism have been a major hindrance in immigration as evidences has shown that jobs are being given to people with similar or related physical appearance with the citizens while for the other immigrants whose physical appearance is not the same are being denied the chance to have jobs. From the deep research done on immigrants and issues challenging them, it has been noted that many of the immigrants have their visas revoked by the new government making it to be a growing threat. Immigration has no longer been a humanitarian issue but has changed into a political issue which has led to the politicians to make policies that lean on their favor making the whole immigrant community to suffer.

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